Faculty of Science Department of Zoology

Seminars in the Department of Zoology

12.00 to 1.00pm Tuesdays in the Agar Theatre, Department of Zoology


Department of Zoology

2014 Semester 2 Seminar Series

Tuesday 12-1pm
Agar Theatre, Zoology Building
**unless otherwise noted

Week Speaker / Topic
1 29 Jul

Marilyn Renfree (Dept of Zoology)
Marsupials as models for biomedical studies.

2  5 Aug
Peter Macreadie (Deakin University)
Carbon sequestration by coastal vegetated habitats: is blue the new green?
3 12 Aug 
Ary Hoffmann (Depts of Zoology & Genetics)
Ecological and evolutionary challenges in using Wolbachia for suppression of mosquito-borne diseases.
4 19 Aug
Natalie Binder (PhD Final Seminar, Dept of Zoology)  
Male obesity negatively affects fecundity; reducing semen quality, embryo physiology and fetal health.
5 26 Aug
Vin Pettigrove (CAPIM, Dept of Zoology)
What will be the condition of Victoria's aquatic ecosystems in 2050?
6 2 Sept

David Sharley (CAPIM, Dept of Zoology)  
Identifying the origin of faecal contamination in urban coastal catchments.

Isabel Valenzuela (CAPIM, Dept of Zoology)
Pollution source tracking: a PCR based assay to detect the source of faecal contamination in storm water.

7 9 Sept
Mark Norman (Museum of Victoria)
Museum of Victoria's biodiversity surveys, 160 years of active field research and science communication in Victoria.
8 16 Sept
Jana Eccard (University of Potsdam, Germany)
Populations and Personalities in Rodents.
9 23 Sept
Rebecca Spindler (Taronga Conservation Society Australia, Taronga Zoo)
Taronga Science and Conservation for species, habitats and communities.
10 30 Sept
No seminar -- non teaching period
11 7 Oct
John Morringiello (CSIRO)
A 100-year assessment of biological change in SE Australian waters: novel insight using fish otoliths.
12 21 Oct
Michael Bode (Dept of Botany)
The management of ecosystems under extreme uncertainty: revamping Richard Levins’ qualitative modelling for decision-making.
13 21 Oct
Marianne Tare (Monash Uni)
Early life Vitamin D deficiency and lifelong cardiovascular function – even fetuses need a little ray of sunshine.
14 28 Oct
Peter Nichols (CSIRO)
The CSIRO Long-chain Omega-3 Story: Towards Sustainable Supplies of the Health-benefitting ‘Good Oil’.

For more information contact Sara Long (hoskins@unimelb.edu.au) or Sev Senadheera (sevvandi.senadheera@unimelb.edu.au).


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