Faculty of Science Department of Zoology

Seminars in the Department of Zoology

12.00 to 1.00pm Tuesdays in the Agar Theatre, Department of Zoology


Department of Zoology

2014 Semester 2 Seminar Series

Tuesday 12-1pm
Agar Theatre, Zoology Building
**unless otherwise noted


30 Sept No seminar, non-teaching period


7 Oct  John Morrongiello (CSIRO)

A 100-year assessment of biological change in SE Australian waters: novel insight using fish otoliths


14 Oct  Michael Bode (Dept of Botany)

The management of ecosystems under extreme uncertainty: revamping Richard Levins’ qualitative modelling for decision-making


21 Oct  Marianne Tare (Monash Uni)

Early life Vitamin D deficiency and lifelong cardiovascular function – even foetuses need a little ray of sunshine


28 Oct  David Gardner (Dept of Zoology)

My Family and other Embryos

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