Faculty of Science Department of Zoology

Research in Zoology

The department in profile

The Zoology Department has a vigorous research programme with interests ranging from the structure and function of single cells through to the ecology, reproduction, development and evolution of animals, with special expertise in the following areas:

Evolution and Behaviour:
How evolutionary forces have shaped social behaviour, mating and communication systems; in animals as diverse as brightly coloured birds and cannibalistic spiders.

Conservation and Climate Change:
The ecology, behaviour and habitat requirements and population management of Australia's unique endemic fauna.

Centre for Environmental Stress and Adaptation Research (CESAR):
How ecosystems are stressed by factors such as pollution, salinity, land clearance and fire.

Marine Biology:
The interactions of a myriad of ocean-dwelling organisms such bryozoans, fish, abalone and crustaceans with their environment, and the effects of disturbance, pollution and fisheries on their abundance.

Reproduction and Regeneration:
The cellular and hormonal processes that control seasonal breeding, development and sexual differentiation in mammals, particularly marsupials.

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