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Wildlife Software: WildlifeDensity 2

WildlifeDensity is a Mac OS X-based program designed to help field workers estimate the densities of many biological populations in land habitats, particularly birds and larger mammals. It uses distance data from either line transect or fixed observing point surveys to model change in visual detectability with increasing distance from an observer. If the sample size is adequate, and appropriate information available on the observing situation, the model is then used to estimate the overall population density, its confidence limits, and other parameters of the observing situation. It can also estimate the proportion of the population detectable along a transect line.

The program uses either radial distance or perpendicular distance data from ground-level or aerial surveys. It can also obtain estimates using data from a selected range of distances; observations on the transect line itself or at the observer's position are not necessary, nor is complete detectability along a transect line The procedure is relatively straightforward to use with many populations of interest, including many active, highly mobile species for which relevant data on movement rates are also available, and those well above or below an observer's position.

To run, WildlifeDensity requires an Apple Macintosh computer (PPC or Intel) with OS X 10.9 ('Mavericks'), 10.8 ('Mountain Lion'), 10.7 ('Lion') 10.6 ('Snow Leopard'), OS X 10.5 ('Leopard') or OS X 10.4 ('Tiger')

Downloading WildlifeDensity provides a disk image file that contains: (a) an Installation Readme file, (b) a QuickStart Installation and Test-drive file, (c) the current version of WildlifeDensity, and (d) a Resources folder with a variety of printable resources: a Techniques Manual and User's Guide, field data and computer input sheets, and examples of input data.  WildlifeDensity 2 is a significant upgrade from previous versions.

Conditions of Use.
WildlifeDensity has been developed and made available as a service to wildlife managers, ecologists and other researchers and field workers engaged in the study or monitoring of natural populations. WildlifeDensity is freeware: that is, the program is licensed free of charge. It has been made available as a potentially useful tool, but without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including fitness for any particular purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the software rests with the user who, should the program prove defective, will assume any costs associated with their use of the software. Under no circumstances will the copyright holder or any other party who may redistribute the material be liable to the user for damages.

The user is free to download and use one or more copies of the program without charge, either for their own use within a scientific research or monitoring program or for student use within a teaching program in a tertiary education course. WildlifeDensity may not be sold or incorporated within any other program which is to be sold, nor may it be modified and redistributed without the written authority of the copyright holder, and with that redistribution taking place without charge.

Software Updates
WildlifeDensity is updated on a regular basis. Please check back occasionally to ensure you have the most recent version installed (version number is included in the filename).

©Copyright 2008, Department of Zoology, The University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010, Australia.

Help: wd@zoology.unimelb.edu.au

Click the link below for latest version of WildlifeDensity (uploaded 2014-10-03)

WildlifeDensity 2.0.4 (17MB) Click here

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